Traditional Or Modern Sectional Sofa? Which One Is Right For You?}

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Traditional Or Modern Sectional Sofa? Which One Is Right For You?


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You just cannot go wrong with a traditional sectional sofa. They are offer the very best in comfort. They offer the very best in decor and they offer the very best in design. They are something that just about everyone is familiar with. That is what makes them traditional. These designs have stood the test of time and become furniture classics that are so much more than comfortable. These designs are calm and soothing and make you feel right at home.

A traditional sectional couch will fit so many design needs and room styles and being a sectional sofa makes it much easier to arrange. You can mix and match and re-arrange the individual sections until you get it just right. The options are just greater! Just make sure that you have enough room for your new couch. Measure once and then measure again. There is nothing worse than getting your new couch and finding out that it does not fit in your room.

Want to try and bring the whole family together? Traditional sectionals are more family oriented as well. Once everyone takes a seat and gets comfortable no one will want to get up. The whole family can sit back and enjoy a movie together with a traditional sectional sofa. Once again traditional is comfort in more ways than one.

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With all of these great benefits, it is very easy to see why anyone would want to choose a traditional design over all of the others. After all comfort should be the number one priority and nothing says comfort like traditional styles and designs.

Sectional sofas make a great addition to any room of the house and sometimes they even go great in the office. The great thing about this kind of sofa is it’s ability to adapt and fit into many different room styles and configurations including modern furniture styles.

Modern sectional sofas offer unique designs that are not found in traditional sofas and these subtle design differences make them extremely popular choices for many different home decors.

What should you look for in a modern piece of furniture? The first thing you should do is measure and make sure you have enough space for your new sectional. There is nothing worse than getting a new piece of furniture home and finding out that you actually do not have enough free space for it.

Color is always a close second. Choosing the perfect color to match your current decor is a must. No one wants the colors to clash. If you are decorating around your new sectional make sure that it is a color that is easy to accessorize.

Fabric selection is extremely important. Certain fabrics are much more durable than others. If this new modern sectional is going in your home and you have pets and children you might want a microfiber fabric that repels spills and messes. If it is going in your office or den, you might want leather for a look of sophistication.

Finally, price is always one the key deciding factors. Before you fall in love with the sectional, make sure that your wallet can handle it’s price tag.

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Traditional Or Modern Sectional Sofa? Which One Is Right For You?


Teak Patio Furniture A Solid Choice

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If you ve ever wanted teak patio furniture for your outdoor entertainment spaces you re not alone. Tectona Grandis, the official species classification for teak, is a lovely wood that is sturdy, durable and will continue to look beautiful for years, if not decades.

While it is slightly more costly than other woods used in patio furniture, teak is a slow growing wood taking 50 to 60 years to mature. Since the growing cycles are longer, the supply of teak from managed forests is smaller than cedar. As such, teak patio furniture has a higher price tag.

That said, you won t be disappointed with the investment, particularly if you look for some good deals at online furniture stores who specialize in quality teak patio furniture.

Teak is a great wood for outdoor furnishings. It is highly resistant to insects, largely due to the oils that are in it. This is also what gives the teak its characteristic honey-gold color. As teak patio furniture ages, it naturally begins to lose its color, turning silver-gray with time. To keep it looking like new, you want to occasionally rub some Danish or teak oil into the wood to nourish it. If it turns silver-gray, don t worry. It s not going to fall apart on you. It won t even crack or chip.

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That s because teak is a really strong wood that can take the worst elements and still look good. It won t begin to fall apart on you like some other woods will, especially wood furniture that is purchased at discount stores. When it comes to teak patio furniture and patio furniture in general, you really do get what you pay for.

Another reason why you want to purchase your teak patio furniture from a reputable company is that all teak is not created equal. Some wood furniture may look like teak, but it could be other woods disguised to look like teak.

Original teak is pretty easy to detect, if you know what you re looking for.

First, teak has a straight grain with just some wave lines. It is a dark honey-brown to gold color and doesn t appear as if it ever had any stain applied to it. It has a rich look to it, with gentle streaks of darker browns.

Because it has a high oil content to it, it won t look or feel like other wood. It is extremely hard. If you put your hand on the furniture and rub your hand on it, it just feels different than other woods. Also, if you see splinters or big knots, it s not teak. Walk on by.

Teak patio furniture will have a light scent to it that is fragrant. It s an earthy smell that doesn t smell of fresh cut wood, but of oil and silica.

Of course, it s tough to smell or touch wood if you order online. So how do you tell if the wood is really teak if you can t touch or smell it? The easiest answer is to order from a reputable business that has been around for a while.

See if they carry brand name teak patio furniture and ask questions about the products. They should be more than happy to answer your questions and tell you all about the furniture you re interested in purchasing.

Of course, most reputable companies will offer a generous return policy on teak patio furniture. This includes a 30-day window for returning or exchanging an item that you find unsatisfactory. You may need to pay a restocking fee and cover the costs of shipping, but it removes a lot of the risk of purchasing furniture from a new vendor, whether that company is across town or across the country.

About the Author: Jesse Akre owns Edenvale Shoppes and hosts numerous furniture and furnishings for any home whether it be

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towel bars

styles and designs.


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