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Best Property Deals In Lucknow

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Best Property Deals in Lucknow


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Got a property you want to sell?? Want to buy or rent a property?? Come to us to be treated like nawabs. Pass on us all your property related worries and relax. Enjoy living in a property suited to your family and your life style. Buy, sell, lease, invest – let us be your friend philosopher and guide to get the best deals on property providing all the luxurious, modern facilities, amenities and lively environment at very affordable prices. Contact us on 0522 4026175- for the best deals in the city of Nawabs.

Trust and satisfaction of the customer are our motivational factors. We seek to meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising the future of the generations. We aim to provide excellent returns on the investment of our valued customers.

Services offered by us:


Our mode of services is designed to suit you. We manage real estate portfolios to deliver strategic services and consulting to real estate users – like multi-national corporations, regional firms, institutions and end users. We serve you with a mix of expertise, knowledge and openness. Our transparency in all dealings is well known in the market.

Property Consultancy: Our employees have complete understanding of all the aspects influencing the property rates. We provide information on all the available residential and commercial sites including advice on gross rental, availability, normal Lease terms and structures, Location alternatives and tenure issues. Our consultancy is not only limited to sale and purchase but also covers legal advice and help for hassle free deals.

Sale, Purchase and Renting of Property: Contact us for renting of space for residential and commercial purposes. Residential spaces including independent house sites, single and multiple bedroom flats/apartments, furnished homes/ guest house accommodations are rented out by us. We all help in finding the suitable space for offices and storage units. All these renting are offered at several locations thus giving our clients a wide choice as per their requirements.

Alliance of Builders and landlords: In order to survive in modern competitive atmosphere, right association is necessary. We assist our customers by advising on standing and integrity of landlord thus help in forming healthy and long lasting collaborations between the builder and the landlord.

Assistance with Finance: we help our customers in the arrangement of loans for/against the property from the reputed financial institutions or banks. So like we said before, all you have to do is to just choose the property of your dreams and we will help you make your dream come true.

So don t waste your time and come to our consultants at info@ onlinepropertysale.in, Lucknow to get your dream property.

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