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Create Health And Fitness With Constructive Speech

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Constructive speech is a term coined by Wallace Wattles, and I explain it in the Science of Being Well Home Study Course. For a simple definition that would affect your health and fitness, it would go something like this.

Make sure that all the words that come out of your mouth in relation to your health are positive and constructive words. Even if you had a bad night last night, you speak of the great nap youre going to take this afternoon. If you have an ache in your back, either keep quiet about it, or mention how much better you feel today compared to yesterday.

You see, the way our mind works, its almost as if our immune system is constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts. When we have positive thoughts, and we concentrate on our state of well-being, our immune system is thereby transformed and receives a positive live message that makes it put out healthy cells and mobilize all its fighting troups to keep you healthy.

So what if youre feeling really lousy? This does happen. But when we speak it, it is mainly with a desire to attract sympathy. Even pity. The way Wallace Wattles explains it, You cannot hold the desire for sympathy and at the same time hold the thoguth that you are getting better and growing stronger. The moment you give way to the desire for pity, you will begin to suggest to yourself that you are going down hill, and you will begin to go downhill

The same goes when you see someone in pain. Do not sympathize with the pain in them, but with the health they have the ability to tap into and recover. You see, health and fitness are always in you. This is our natural state. It is only hidden behind pain and disease. Do not focus your conversation on disease, death, accidents, pain. Courtesy does not require you to sacrifice your well-being, happiness and hope in order to listen to the croakers.

Never talk about sickness. Forget it. Focus your thoughts on your immense health and fitness. Imagine how you will soon feel. Keep that thought foremost in your mind.

I agree with you that this can be difficult at times, and this is why I have created the Science of Being Well as a Home Study Course. The course contains everyday exercises and clear instructions on how you can bring health and fitness in your life by using Constructive Speech. This is not a natural ability we have. We have been trained to complain so we can attract sympathy and pity. However, this will not lead us to better health.

In the Science of Being Well Home Study Course, you will find many examples and stories to help you develop your own powers of healing using simply the power of your mind. This is not revolutionary. These secrets have been around for ages. To learn more, claim your FREE report of the First Secret to Abundant Health on www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz today!!